1 Plus 2 Equals 3: A Poker Gambler’s Value is Determined by His Bottom Line

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A handful of poker techniques will surprise you with their ease. This is one of them. Take down your conclusions, every single time you gamble.

Cult of texas hold’em Psalm #three:

You must record thy successes and your squanders; for it’s the grand total of all a mans accomplishments which generate his or her bottom line.

How accurate is your decision. I tend to believe that hourly info and that kind of intimate information is not needed. Simply work out how much up you are and what amount (if anything) you’ve withdrawn. Certainly, if you are beaten, record that too, despite how much it hurts.

Don’t overlook to write down what sort of poker you’re gambling on, if that is crucial to you. (In my experience, most gamblers hold to what they know and don’t try something they do not know. If all you note is up, loses and what you’ve taken out, you’re light years in front of almost all gamblers around!)

Provide yourself actual goals, like a ‘dream’ goal (new car, holiday or anything else). When you withdraw, add the $$$$$ taken out to your dream counter. The more prosperous you are, the closer that goal will be!

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